Monday, 31 August 2015

Hythe Town Council

Head Cinque Port


Mrs J McCormick BA Hons KCL, MSc Univ of Wales town clerk
1 Stade Street
CT21 6BG
Tel: 01303 266152
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Welcome to Hythe Town Council’s Website.

Hythe is one of the five head Cinque Ports (pronounced “Sink”) which, together with the two ancient towns and the associated other seven towns, form the Cinque Ports Confederation.  

The Cinque Ports first came together in order to render “Ship Service” to the English Crown in return for valuable privileges, during late Saxon or early Norman times; reaching the peak of their power and prestige some 200 to 300 years later. Their naval service was last called upon in 1588 during the reign of Elizabeth I - during the attempted invasion by Spain (the Spanish Armada).  Few of their ancient rights and privileges survive, but the Confederation continues to promote public awareness of the proud history and seafaring traditions of communities which played a key role in the early development of Great Britain as a naval and economic superpower.




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