The Great Get Together

The Great Get Together was a national event, organised in memory of the the late Jo Cox MP, who died in 2016. It recognised the importance of community, friendship and acceptance – values close to Jo Cox’s heart.

We took great inspiration from Jo Cox’s quote, “We have more in common than that which divides us.”

On a hot summer day, we can usually be relied upon to moan about the weather. Yet Hythe basked in a heatwave on Sunday, there were few grumbles from the hundreds of people who turned out to celebrate togetherness in memory of the late MP Jo Cox.

Hythe Town Council supported the Great Get Together by organising and publicising a free concert at Oaklands,  with music from the Treblemakers.

With over 300 people dancing and picnicking in the park, it was a fantastic demonstration of how strong Hythe’s sense of community is.

Local politicians joined in the fun. Town mayor Paul Peacock had attended Hythe’s Civic Sunday service in St Leonard’s earlier in the day, and had then hosted a lunch for civic dignitories. With other councillors, he joined in with the crowds. Councillors Ann Mayne, Dudley Shipton and Shirley Moberly were pleased to be involved with others including Age UK Hythe in this successful community event.

Cllr Shipton said “It is when the people of Hythe join together that everyone senses the value and talents that we can all share for the good of all. In council meetings, we spend so much time talking about the areas we disagree on, that finding a moment like this when we get together with neighbours and have a good time in Oaklands Park is exactly what we need. If people feel closer to their communities, that’s exactly how Jo would want to be remembered.”
The council had the opportunity of working with Sonya Santer who came to the Hythe Town Council Dementia Awareness Forum for support. They were happy to encourage her initiative. Sonya was  the driving force behind the Great Get Together, councillors just pointed her in the right direction.