The Green – work undertaken during half-term week

During half-term week, Stephen Bailey, of Stephen Bailey Landscaping, with the help of volunteers from the Hythe Green Preservation Society, undertook conservation work on Hythe Green as part of a five year plan to manage and conserve the hedgerows and woodland areas on the boundaries of the Green, with the view encouraging a greater diversity […]

Hythe & District Countryside Volunteers

Hythe and District Countryside Volunteers have been continuing their exertions up at Eaton Lands, completing the widening of pathways and cutting back of brambles around the top of the old quarry.  The pathways have been widened to double the size, with the brambles removed and the soil dug to assist with rainwater drainage.   The […]

Planting of New Trees

  You may have noticed a lot of work being done over the last few months with the trees up at Eaton Lands.  Sadly, a number of trees have had to be felled due to Ash dieback, which is a chronic fungal disease of Ash trees. In the first quarter of the year, as part […]