Council land and buildings

Financial year 2017/2018

There has been no change to ownership of these assets during the past financial year.

Financial year 2016/2017

Hythe Town Council owns some parcels of land and buildings in the town. It also acts are sole corporate trustee for these charities: Eaton Lands; Davis Oaklands Charitable Gift; Burmarsh Road Playing Field and Horn Street Recreation Ground. Property owned by those four charities is not shown on this list.

Unique property reference number Name of the building / land Full postal address Map reference Tenure land or land and building Status
Unknown Hythe Green Portland Close, Hythe CT21 6JD TR 15751 34537 Freehold Land Occupied
Unknown Hythe Town Hall 71 High St, Hythe CT21 5AJ TR 16189 34782 Freehold Land and building Occupied
Unknown Queensgrove Lucy’s Walk, Hythe CT21 6AG TR 16571 34639 Freehold Land Occupied
Unknown South Road playing fields 2 South Rd, Hythe CT21 6AR TR 16381 34288 Freehold Land and building Occupied