Councillor Profiles

Cllr Malcolm Dearden – North Ward

I was born in Sheffield and as those of you who know me will not need reminding, I am lifelong supporter of Sheffield United. I am a retired solicitor having worked in Hythe from 1978 until I retired from my practice on the High Street in December 2015.

I have been a Town Councillor for North Ward since 1997 except for four years. I was also privileged to be Mayor of Hythe and Speaker of the Cinque Ports. From 2007 until 2019 I represented Hythe on the District Council having been a Cabinet member, most recently for Finance.  I have always tried to represent my constituents and the town to the best of my ability.

Liz, my wife taught Maths at the Harvey Grammar School in Folkestone and I have four children all of whom were raised and attended schools in Hythe and Folkestone.

I am a member of Rotary and in my spare time I enjoy walking, reading about History and spending time with my grandchildren.

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Cllr Angela Dickinson – South Ward

I’ve lived in Hythe for a little over two years and in Kent for 8. I have 4 children, some of whom are quite grown-up now. I’m a secondary school teacher at a comprehensive in Canterbury where I teach Law, Sociology and Criminology, having studied for a law degree whilst my children were tiny. I really love my job!

I got involved in local politics (as an independent candidate) after meeting several local activists through a grass-roots campaigning group which I established in 2017.

As a relative newcomer to Hythe, I’ve been really grateful for the chance to become part of the community. I’m looking forward to working with and supporting local groups and businesses. As a parent and teacher, my focus will very much be on how Hythe Town Council can support and involve young people in our town and engage them in politics and democracy.

I’m really excited to be part of the council as it moves forward with creating a plan and vision for the town that will meet the challenges of modern life and embrace the rich history of Hythe too.

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Cllr Penny Graham – North Ward

I joined the Green Party and then stood for election at HTC out of a deep concern for the planet…climate change and the decline and extinction of species. Human beings, of course are not exempt from this and I am keen to make a contribution to help future generations to mitigate the effects of global warming.

After a varied work life in the public sector, teaching and health promotion employed by the NHS to work on training and community projects, then working in the area of psychology.  I thought I was about to wind down towards reaching for the slippers and Horlicks…

Not so!… and that’s not in my nature anyway. It is a joy to have found a new burst of energy to be used in the service of the planet and Hythe community, both of which I love.  Thank you for voting for me and giving me this privilege.

I believe that the only way to address the huge challenges we face is for us all to work together. That means working across party lines and consulting and involving the community wherever possible.  We need each other and together we can create a richer community life for everyone.

In my spare time, I make pots and am part of the local art group hART.  We exhibit our work locally every year at venues such as the Town Hall and the Tin Tabernacle.  I look forward to an exciting and challenging time ahead.

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Cllr Jenni Hawkins – East Ward

I moved to Hythe with my husband and daughters in 2011 and feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Most of my working life has been spent in caring professions, first in a home for adults with learning disabilities, then as a registered nurse in hospital wards and nursing homes. I left the profession in 2016 to become a full-time parent, as balancing the pressures of working long shifts and childcare became increasingly difficult. I used the time away from work to gain a degree through the Open University and I joined the Green Party to meet others who shared my concerns about the climate and ecological crisis.

I’m really proud to be a Green at Hythe Town Council and hope to continue working with others in the community to protect and enhance our green spaces and also our High Street so that they can be enjoyed now and by future generations.

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Cllr Jim Martin – South Ward

I have lived in Hythe since 2007, when my wife and I moved from SE London to our home in Seabrook. By profession I am a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and I am Chairman of Martin Arnold Chartered Surveyors in Woolwich. I have two sons and two grandchildren.

I first took an interest in the politics of Hythe when I became the Chair of Save Prince’s Parade Group, it appeared to me that the voice of local people was not being listen to. I joined the Green Party over five years ago because it was clear that their priorities were the environment and democracy, as a grandparent, these are matters I am determined to defend. Once I was elected, the first thing I did, was resign from the Save Prince’s Parade Group, so I was not pre-determined in my view as a Councillor.

I am a regular runner, along the Canal path or along the promenade, (slow but sure) and I have completed 25 full Marathons, including 20 consecutive London Marathons (don’t ask me why!).

The good people of Hythe also saw fit to elect me to represent them as a District Councillor, which is a role I am honoured to fulfil.

Community is an important issue for me: I want our young people, older people, families and people on their own to feel part of Hythe. In my time as a Councillor I want to protect Hythe and the community, to enhance this wonderful environment and to leave Hythe a better place at the end of my term.

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Cllr Sandy McConnell – North Ward

I was honoured to be elected as a volunteer Town Councillor for Hythe North in the elections in May 2019, and am deeply grateful to the people who voted and trusted me to represent them. I shall be doing this to the best of my ability with keen interest and fine attention to details.

I moved to Hythe in 1997 when I secured a job, and ultimately a long career at Saga. My children all attended the local schools and the theme has moved on with the grandchildren as the family continue to support the area. I look forward to working with my fellow colleagues and all interested parties towards a successful, progressive future for the town.

I joined the Green Party in December 2018, mainly due to despair and disillusionment with the climate breakdown position. My grandchildren’s arrival, 4 in 2 years, expedited the situation and I felt time to act to try and do something.

My younger life was spent roaming and being free in a small town in Scotland with all that entails. Climbing trees, observing the abundance of wildlife, step-stoning across the burns, trying to catch fish, cycling everywhere, playing in the street – I’d love to be involved in assisting this town maintain and grow that capability for all its citizens, whilst ensuring it’s greener, cleaner and safer.


Cllr Tim Prater – East Ward

I was honoured to be elected as a Town Councillor for Hythe East in the elections in May 2019, and have lived and worked in nearby Sandgate since 2004.

I run a web design and development company, am a long standing member of the Liberal Democrats and am currently serving on four Councils – Hythe Town Council, Sandgate Parish Council, Folkestone Town Council and Folkestone and Hythe District Council.

I was proud in June 2019 to stand up for Hythe and Sandgate by moving the motion alongside the Green Party calling on the District Council to abandon plans to develop Princes Parade in Seabrook and instead build a new sports centre and swimming pool in Martello Lakes in West Hythe.

Away from Council meetings, I’m the Treasurer of the Chichester Memorial Hall Charity, the Chairman of the Sandgate Members Club since April 2019, husband to Claire, step-father to Joe and Alice, convenient seat and bringer of kibbles for Minnie (cat & killer of flies), Managing Director of Prater Raines Ltd and sometimes a bit tired.

I will stand up for local residents, our area and environment and push for the most open, transparent and inclusive standards for our Council. I’m always happy to hear from you – contact details are on this website and at

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Cllr Doug Wade – North Ward

I was born in Hythe, at Hythe Nursing Home on North Road, and attended Kiln Corner Kindergarten on Castle Rd, Saltwood Primary School (and sang in St Leonard’s Church Choir under Fred Skinner), St John’s College, Cambridge Choir School, and the Harvey Grammar School.

I have a B.A. and M.A. (Hons) in English and Latin Literature from Cambridge University, a B.Sc. (Hons) from the OU in Psychology, & an M.Sc. (Hons) from Oxford University in Law, Sociology & Social Policy.

I have worked in various fields, including teaching, journalism, social work and as Mayor of Hythe, and am now a Hythe Town Councillor and a Councillor representing Hythe West at Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

I am a Green Party member and my primary interests are protecting bio diversity & abundance, averting catastrophic climate breakdown, and promoting social justice.

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Cllr Martin Whybrow – South Ward

I have had the honour of serving the town since being elected as the first ever Green Party councillor on Kent County Council in 2013. I was re-elected in 2017 and was then elected to Hythe Town Council in May 2019.

I have championed road safety (including 20 mph), biodiversity (with a motion, unanimously adopted by full council, for KCC to adopt a Pollinator Action Plan), the climate emergency (at both KCC and HTC), ending one-time use of plastic (chairing a working group at KCC) and improving recycling and reuse.

I have lived in Hythe for 25+ years and, among other things, am a long-standing volunteer at Hythe Town Football Club, founded Transition Hythe (now Hythe Environmental Community Group), a trustee of the Folkestone District branch of the RSPCA, and am on the committee of the community sponsorship scheme that is bringing a Syrian refugee family to the area. I have also been a governor at Palmarsh Primary School.

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