Commonwealth Day

Hythe Town Council will by joining with fellow citizens throughout the Commonwealth by raising the flag at Hythe Town Hall on March 12th 2018.

‘People from nations and territories in every continent and each ocean cherish the rich diversity of our membership, the deep sense of affinity and kinship we share, and the Commonwealth values and principles that unite us. Together we number almost 2.5 billion people, a third of the world’s population.

This is an occasion to acknowledge publicly and collectively the continuing aspiration of the Commonwealth to build on common traditions and uphold shared values of democracy, inclusive development and respect for diversity’ The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC

April 4th – April 15th The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games in Queensland

April 16th – April 29th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, London

The Commonwealth consists of 53 nations and more than 80 organisations that work together to promote prosperity, democracy and peace. It is home to a third of the world’s population and nearly 40% of its young people. Every member has an equal voice, no matter its size.

By raising the flag, Hythe Town Council affirms it’s commitment to upholding the values set out in the Commonwealth Charter. For more information, click through to