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Plans & Works Meeting DateApplication Number AddressDate Recd
19.03.19Y19/0192/FHLindens, Dental Street, Hythe CT21 5HL22.02.19
 Y19/0194/FHHafod, Church Road, Hythe CT21 5DP22.02.19

The Old Stables, 7A Bartholomew Street, Hythe

CT21 5BS


38 Romney Way, Hythe CT21 6PL

 Y19/0210/FH3 Tanners Close, Saltwood, Hythe CT21 4AR27.02.19
 Y19/0080/FHShepway, Lympne Hill, Lympne CT21 4NX04.03.19
 Y19/0128/FH9 Tower Gardens, Hythe CT21 6DG04.03.19
 Y19/0201/FHWood Violets, St Marys Road, West Hythe CT21 4NU08.03.19
 Y19/0244/FHApex House, 64 Brockhill Road, Hythe CT21 4AG11.03.19
 Y19/0217/FHBroadview & Marobin, West Hythe Road, West Hythe CT21 4NT11.03.19