Standing orders

Standing Orders are the guidelines for operating Hythe Town Council.


Every year the council must budget for its expenditure, income and how much the precept will be. 

Purchasing and payments

Explore this section for information regarding invoices processed by the council and current requests for tender. 

Annual reports

The council publishes a range of reports every year on its activities.


Some situations require an agreed procedure to guide activity, particularly where guidance is required to manage an unusual situation. 


Policies provide procedural direction to council officers.

Conditions for use

The council’s facilities are subject to terms of use. Please complete the appropriate form if you would like to use Hythe Town Hall, the Town Hall undercroft, South Road playing fields, Oaklands grounds or Hythe Green. Please contact us direct if you would like to use any other facilities owned by the council or by one of these charities for which Hythe Town Council is sole corporate trustee: Davis Oaklands Charitable Gift, Eaton Lands, Horn Street Recreation Ground, Burmarsh Road Playing Field.